SiP Module

Looking for the smart and small module? Right here!

Development Kit

Let us help you develop your IoT product, quick and easy. Our connectivity modules are paired with ready-to-use firmware for a wide range of sensors. These firmware include algorithms for different applications of the sensors, and also connectivity framework for easy connection to cloud services. Together with our software SDK for mobile APP development (ready-to-use demo available), your IoT product will be in the market in no time!

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Solution Provider

We accelerate your idea to product.

Idea accelerator

We have many experiences in different applications. Our expertise in scenario and algorithm can help you to speed up prototype implementation.

Design and engineering

Our professional engineer team help you to design the wireless antenna and mechanical prototype with optimizing performance and saving cost.

Scaling production

In the way of manufacturing, you face many issues. We help you to reduce those effects like certifications and regulations. You can focus on your product, and face to market as soon as possible.

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