BLE / Zigbee / RF4CE / Thread
SiP Module


The MtM+ M907 is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Zigbee, RF4CE, Thread and Homekit SiP module with a built-in antenna. It is equipped with a 32bit based processor and is designed for Bluetooth® Smart and IoT solutions.



Increase speed and reliability of data transfer between BLE devices. Specifically for IoT application.

Built-in Antenna

The antenna is built on SiP package.
No extra space is needed for your design.


Supports Zigbee's low-power, wireless mesh network standard



Many advantages over existing remote control solutions, including richer communication and increased reliability, enhanced features and flexibility, interoperability, and no line-of-sight barrier.


Potential communication in a wireless mesh network with any devices developed by the Thread Group


Develop applications that is able to communicate with iPhone or other Apple devices.

Feature List

  • Multi-protocol with Bluetooth low energy / ANT / 2.4G RF
  • Support Zigbee, RF4CE, Thread and Homekit standards
  • Embedded 32-bit high performance MCU with clock up to 48MHz.
  • Program memory: internal 512KB Flash.
  • Data memory: 32KB on-chip SRAM.
  • 12MHz and 32KHz/32MHz embedded RC oscillator.
  • A rich set of I/Os:
    • Up to 14 GPIOs;
    • DMIC (Digital Mic);
    • AMIC (Analog Mic);
    • Mono-channel Audio output;
    • SPI;
    • I2C;
    • nUART with hardware flow control;
    • USB;
    • Debug Interface.
  • Up to 6 channels of PWM, 2-channel IR.
  • Sensor:
    • 14bit ADC with PGA;
    • Temperature sensor.
  • One quadrature decoder.
  • Embedded hardware AES.
  • Operating temperature:-40℃ to 85℃ industrial temperature range.
  • Antenna On Package (AoP)
  • LGA-36 package, 12mm x 12 mm
  • FCC, CE and BQB certification (under going)



  • Smart home
  • Sensor networks
  • Building automation
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Smart Lighting



  • Datasheet PDF