Beacon Solutions

Indoor navigation,
Proximity messaging

Beacon technology makes it possible for you to provide indoor location-specific information to users. MtM+ not only provides you with a complete beacon solution, but the tiny size of our BLE module also gives you the freedom to design small-sized beacon products that are otherwise not possible.


Proximity Messaging

A beacon device continually broadcasts signals with specific information that identifies itself. Using this information, the system can determine which beacon (or location) a user is in proximity to and provide location-specific information to that user. Retail stores can use this technology to send product information or promotional information to customers approaching different products. Museums can also use this technology to provide information about different exhibition items as visitors move around the museum.

Indoor Navigation

We combine beacon technology with algorithms to offer indoor navigation services. With beacons carefully placed within an indoor area, the locations of different users can be pinpointed on the indoor map. The service can then guide the user to their chosen destination. This will be very useful for large indoor shopping malls, exhibitions or conventions.

Find Me / Theft Prevention

Beacon technology can also be used for "find me" or "theft prevention" tag devices. Attach the tag to objects you fear losing, and if the tag moves far away from your phone, the APP on your phone will alert you. Attach the tag to your valuables, and if someone steals them from you, your phone will alert you and you can check the last-know GPS location of your object.

Proximity Messaging

Through proximity messaging, you can promote your goods, services or selected information to customers based on their current location. Deploying a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon is effortless and at a very affordable cost. The beacons send advertisement messages to customers' mobile phones within a specific area, instantly boosting your promotions to customers.

Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation helps your customers to find any location or anything they want within buildings. MtM+ BLE Mesh Beacons are small form factor and easy to install. When combined with the algorithm, they can provide high-accuracy and low-drifting navigations.

The beacon firmware is flexible, allowing you to program RF power level and on-off battery scheduling. You can choose from Eddystone or iBeacon format, according to your preferred system.

Our navigation app includes the algorithm for location calculation and gyroscope calibration for heading. It is easy to manage all the beacons in your area through the mesh gateway.

Support mesh

Using the mesh network, you can manage all the beacons through just 1 gateway, or your phone.

High accuracy

MtM+ Beacon solutions provide up to 3 meters of overall accuracy; 1.5 meters for best results.


Beacon customization is flexible, with options such as: Eddystone or iBeacon format, tx power, advertising frequency, and power timer.