Smart Bike

Upgrade Your Cycling Products's' Experience

Our smart biking solution offers sensors and Bluetooth connected features that can be used in standalone bike accessories products or integrated into your bike frame. The features listed on this page have been tried and tested, and are ready to be integrated into your biking solution needs.


UV Detection

Detecting UV Index and switch the headlight on automatically.

Signal Light Control

Signal a left or right turn on the road with this blinking light, activated by your gesture.

Heart Rate Detection

Continuous pulse rate and oxygen saturation monitoring during exercise.

Security & Alarm

This feature senses your presence and ID authentication, and locks your bike automatically when you leave it.

APP Development

Our experienced APP development team have also helped design and develop the mobile APP. This means the heart rate and UV data can be continuously updated while riding. It also shows the headlight and signal light status immediately through BLE.


Our compact BLE module and range of sensors open up possibilities for other smart bike features that haven’t been thought of before. It’s up to your imagination!

Quick Prototyping

The development kit makes it easy to integrate functionalities and build prototypes of your connected bikes or accessories.

Hardware & Software Design

We assist in PCB design and RF simulation, and also offer firmware customization.