Smart Healthcare

The MtM+'s smart healthcare solution is an open standard platform for that provide the more convenient experience on your personal medical products. Our development kits with generic IO can let you evaluate new functions just in time, and our hardware consulting service will save your cost and efforts in electronic design.

Monitor your oxygen saturation and pulse rate

By monitoring of the oxygenation of a patient's hemoglobin, it helps the cardiorespiratory condition of patients in need of care.

Development kit

The Health Sensor Kit includes MtSense06 with a set of noninvasive PPG sensors which are invented by Taiwan Biophotonic(tBPC) Co. It provides high accuracy measurements of pulse and blood oxygen saturation(SpO₂). It is the industry’s first reflective optical sensor for fingerless wrist-worn pulse oximeter.

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Prototype consultant

From the wrist watch to smart t-shirt, we can help to drive your product idea to prototype. By SiP module, reference design, RF and certification recommendation, you could save time and cost of evaluation samples.

Connect your glucometer with mobile app, wirelessly.

Without changing the hardware design of your product, use existing interfaces, like the phone jack, USB port to connect personal app by MtM+'s Bluetooth solution. We can help you to upgrade the existing product. By a single Bluetooth accessory, let diabetes patients manage their blood sugar level more conveniently and efficiently.


Bluetooth profile

Using standard Bluetooth pulse oximeter profile, the firmware is ready for diabete apps on the market.

Low power

Need only one coin battary to drive the Bluetooth accessory for one year.

Hardware service

We provide the schematic references of the pcb anntena, power circuit and offer the consulting service as needed to assist your hardware design.

Wireless bridge

With the MtM+ wireless bridge, collecting data of measurements will be much easier. Via Bluetooth, it automatically searches sensors and collect data, then send to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

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