We turn
Lighting into

APP Development

Our experienced APP development team can also help design and develop the controlling mobile APP to suit your needs. Add different lighting scene modes, incoming call and message notifications, and other features you imagine on to the mobile APP.

Cloud-connected Lighting

Our solution includes a cloud connection component to allow lighting information to be synchronized between multiple devices.

BLE HW Module

You can work directly with our BLE module, add any other necessary components for your product, and integrate directly into your product's housing.

Our Solution Provides

Quick Prototyping

Our BLE development board, loaded with lighting control firmware that works with connections with our Android/iOS APP, allows you to do quick prototyping by just jumping a few wires. Connect our BLE board to your existing light, and see what it is like to have the colors, brightness, etc, controlled by an APP (that we also provide) on your mobile phone.

Mass Lighting Control

Our solution doesn't only work with a single light. You can control a large number of lights at the same time, or create groupings to control separate groups of lights or individual lights separately.