Make training more professional and entertaining

Our solution offers sensors and Bluetooth connected features that can be used in all kinds of balls. While training we record trajectory, spin and speed of the ball, and showing the result on the APP immediately. Moreover, we also help you to change your normal training into a game or other modes that you can image and make training not just a practice anymore.



Recording the axis of rotation and calculate rotation and falling angle.


Through spin and speed, our algorithm calculates the relative power index of rebound.


Analyzing the ball’s status and detects it's velocity and acceleration.


Computing the ball’s path and related power index, such as distance, height and bounce count, accurately.

60 M


The distance can be measured up to 60 meters with the average tolerance of MtM+ Version is lower than 5% of the actual distance.

Putting a tape measure on the floor before throwing the ball and compare the value calculated by the algorithm with the distance measured by the tape.

> 95%


The average height test result of the experiment data and the actual data is 95.6% of height accuracy.

Comparing the data calculate from both IR camera result and our algorithm. We set up 8 IR cameras over the ceiling for the purpose of recording the ball's trajectory and height.

Hardware Service

We use a motion sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope in it. This sensor tells the movement-related data and provide automatic power saving mechanism. Making the ball both smart and low power consumption. Also, we provide the schematic references of the pcb anntena, power circuit and offer the consulting service as needed to assist your hardware design.